Hello and welcome with advance gratitude for your considerations. Take a moment to browse and decide if we should meet. I consider myself a discriminating young woman and seek the same from my potential suitors. Mutual symbiosis should be considered and highly sought after shall we decide to cross paths.

That being said, I'm sure you'd like to learn more about the girl behind the gaussian blur. I am currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur while completing my graduate education at a local private university. Relatively flexible class scheduling gives me opportunity for domestic and occasional international travel. Any excuse to abandon my textbooks is considered and appreciated.

My time is divided between my extracurricular activities, furores, and rather enthralling double life as an independent companion. I would love to go on to say that I maintain a healthy diet/lifestyle and am a vegan, etc; but really I suppose I'm just one of those genetically blessed femme fatales (I say this with the most humble smile upon my lips of course).

Having reached my mid 20's, I consider my age to be the perfect cross point between youth and seasoned maturity. I have reached the confidence and self-actualization of a matured woman while retaining youthful zeal for life and that starry-eyed belief of limitless potential and possibilities for the future.

Physically I am a petite 34C-26-36, weigh 100 lbs, and am a porcelain-skinned brunette goddess. My hazel eyes change colors like a mood ring, and I consider my face to be an asset worth celebrating. For now I must hide behind the gaussian blur, but that could all change if you decide to proceed.